How the Christian Leadership Alliance Is Preparing for Its In-Person Conference

The organization's annual Outcomes conference will provide executives the opportunity to connect face to face.


The Christian Leadership Alliance has moved its April 2021 Outcomes conference to June—and it will be a face-to-face event.

Though its spring 2020 conference was digital, the organization's Director of Business Development and Marketing Heather McCulloch says she and her team are committed to having an in-person event this year.

“We are confident with how we’re going forward,” she says. The June 15-17 conference, which was initially scheduled for this spring in Jacksonville, will be held at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando.

“We feel really comfortable with the Hyatt,” says McCulloch. “They are on top of all of the regulations and have been keeping us informed about all of the things they’re doing to ensure the safety of our guests.”

In addition to the hotel’s safety measures, Christian Leadership Alliance will provide masks for each attendee.

Historically, an average of 900 nonprofit and ministry leaders attend Outcomes, which aims to train these professionals in practical skills for “greater Kingdom outcomes.”

More than 70% of attendees are executives in their organizations, so McCulloch and her team try to provide opportunities for them to connect around issues that are specific to their roles as leaders. Some lead national organizations such as World Vision or The Salvation Army, and others spearhead local crisis pregnancy centers or community ministries.

“A lot [of these professionals] are great about the mission of their ministry but might not be as trained in the business of their ministry,” McCulloch says. “We offer tangible tools and training sessions to help them grow.”

Strategic topics such as fundraising, marketing and people management will be covered in the 2021 conference sessions. Like previous years, the June conference will include an exhibit hall where attendees can connect with vendors relevant to their work, such as iDonate and Christian Healthcare Ministries.

McCulloch says she and her team hope attendees will gain more than practical skills while they’re at Outcomes. Opportunities for worship will be part of the agenda, tying in with the 2021 theme, Thrive.

“We want spiritual as well as professional development to happen,” she says. “We want to see every Christian leader growing, getting the nutrition they need to thrive, and finding the strength and tools they need to keep going.”