Messages of Faith from Faith Event Planners

We asked faith-based meeting and event planners from across the industry: Do you have faith in the faith market’s recovery? These were some of our favorite answers. 

Messages of Faith from Faith Event Planners

Depending on who you’re talking to, faith-based meetings are either the first or last to come back after the pandemic. As mask mandates expire and travel restrictions lift, the meetings industry will naturally make a recovery. Many faith-based events have been taking place in person for a while, and still others remain virtual. One thing many faith-based planners can agree on is that they have faith in your industry. 

Here, they share words of hope and assurance that their beloved market segment will bounce all the way back.    

“If we don’t have faith in the faith event market and the overall event market, why are we in this line of work? We know people have to meet. It keeps them socially and mentally stable. Live events contribute to collaboration, breakthroughs in thinking and solutions to issues. You must believe in what you are doing in order to be successful.” —Annette M. Suriani, CMP, CFMP, DES, Business Events Strategist

“I strongly believe that the faith-based market will be the primary leader in getting back to in-person meetings. This particular group is so relational in all that they do and they really look forward to meeting in person. It is almost like a family reunion every time they get together. They have missed in-person meetings and are very anxious to return to that.” —Tommy Keown, CMP, CFMP, Account Manager, Arrowhead Conferences & Events

“I do [have faith in our industry]! But it is going to take time for our participants to have faith in it and come back full swing in person again, but it will happen!” —Carrie Poston, Program Manager, Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Office for Evangelization
“Yes, have faith in the faith market. It isn’t served by other markets, it is unique and necessary. My life verse is Proverbs 3:56: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.’ We have to hold tight to God’s promises in these uncertain times and continue to share His love and good news with everyone we can. Gathering together is an important way to do that and I don’t think virtual will ever replace in-person events. They just don’t compare.” —Debbie McAlear, Administrator, Women Physicians & Dentists in Christ
“Yes, I do, but I believe the dynamics will change a bit. Crises can help us to become creative. And I believe that if we become creative and innovative we can accomplish more with less. ‘Stay with it and trust God more in the process,’ (Proverbs 3:5-12).” —Delton Ellis, CEO, Keepers Travel International
“In the words of one of the late Rev. James Cleveland's Grammy Award-winning songs: ‘This too will pass.’” —Joyce Walker-Tyson, Managing Principal, Diversity Communications Associates

“Know that it won't always be like this. But have faith in your life that you will survive!” —Sandra Ross, Director of Events, New Creation Christian Fellowship 

“I do have faith in the market. I feel people are needing the fellowship.” —Wilma Kirk Lee, MSW, LCSW, Christian Women Speakers
“I still believe. We're a lot stronger in staying unified and purposeful, despite the times. People of faith have a mission worth fighting for!” —Bishop Bramlett Cooper, Apostolic Assemblies of Christ Inc. 
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